Our Services

Here at Express Package, we take pride in individual care of clientele packages. With years of private concierge resident experience on our side, Express Package has the professional background for organizing and delivering packages within residential communities.


We believe an organized and monitored package environment is a healthy working and living environment. Our systematic approach to establishing and maintaining the highest package assessment standards means you can focus on the things that matter to you.

Residents Experience

For Your Residents:

With Express package services, your residents will:

  • Avoid waiting at the concierge

  • Have your packages hand-delivered to your front door

  • Eliminate package delivery room wait times

  • Save time and energy from retrieving heavy packages

Building Experience

For the Building:

Express Package is an invaluable service to residential package organization and delivery. We will work closely with your team to ensure all the work behind the scenes is done safely, efficiently, and successfully. Our trained staff will ensure the items are appropriately sorted and distributed to residents from day-to-day package retrieval to heavy holiday package increase. Our services will allow the community to enjoy a healthier work-life balance.



  • Our team will visit your site(s) to assess your package delivery and distribution systems' current state and efficiency. 

  • A criteria checklist is created to establish a baseline for future maintenance. 

  • We also outline the daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance routine for the upcoming year. This sets the threshold for maintaining the package distribution of your buildings and properties over the long term.




  • This step will be about the internal workings that need to be done prior implementation of services.

  • Please contact us at (202) 505-6834 or click the button below to start a consultation.



  • Your customized plan begins right away. Supervisors continuously monitor our handling and delivering teams to ensure the plan continues to meet your needs.

  • After a consultative check-in with staff, we will modify the plan to accommodate changes to evolving demands and critiques.